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Is my child ready to potty train?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Potty training can be most frustrating to parents, but it does not have to be. It is essential to start potty training only when your child is ready, and that is different for every child. Pushing it before your child is ready will only make things harder. Of course, you can always stop if there is no progress and start back up. Progress does not have to be rushed, and it is not uncommon to stop because your child initially showed interest but no longer does.

Signs your child is ready to begin potty training include.

Stopping play for a few seconds to go in their diaper.

Squatting in a corner out of sight (they are connecting the urge to go with going).

Clutching diaper while pausing to go.

Can they follow simple instructions? Have they made the connection between the urge to go with using the potty? Do they show any interest in going to the potty or wearing big boy or big girl panties?

When beginning potty training, it helps to stick to some sort of routine. Have your child sit on a potty 15 to 30 minutes after waking up (while eating a pop-tart) 15 to 30 minutes after meals or snacks to take advantage of the body's normal tendency to have bowel movements after eating.

Blowing is said to help put pressure on the bladder, making it easier to pee. Have your child blow through a straw into a cup of water so to make bubbles. Take it further and put some dish detergent in the water so they can make bubbles. They will associate potty time with fun.

A new technique is the potty watch! With this watch you can set a timer that reminds them to go, gradually increasing the time to fit your preference. The alarm has colorful lights and music they can sing along to while they go potty. I have heard good things about this method of potty training and the watch can be found at Walmart or Amazon.

Remember to praise all attempts to go potty, even when nothing happens. Consistency is key, and don't forget accidents happen!

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