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Parental Alienation in Reunification Therapy

Reunification therapy refers to the process of reuniting or reestablishing a relationship, usually between a parent and a child. It emphasizes attachment, healthy communication, and healing relationship wounds.

Not all reunification therapy involves children who disproportionately reject a parent due to the influence of another parent, but it happens often enough that having a therapist who has training in Family Systems Therapy and understands the symptoms present in the child exists within the existing relationship patterns of the family, is most beneficial. The therapist, who is willing to get involved in the family relationship pattern and skilled enough to get buy-in from the family to solve it as a unit, could have saved these families from a lot of heartache.

Odell Terrell is a mental health counselor in Greensboro, NC. He graduated with a MS in Counseling from Divine Mercy University in Arlington, VA, and places emphasis on family systems theory and attachment theory working with families and children.

His education and training has qualified him to sit for and pass the state of North Carolina Licensing Examination Board. His training in family systems theory, attachment theory, personality disorders, psychological pathology, and complex trauma gives him the necessary qualifications to assess, diagnose and treat mental health disorders. He also has background and experience in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of families in the family courts. Odell is happily married for 18 years. He is the father of 9 children and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his family and child therapy practice.

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