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Why Courts Fail to Recognize Parental Alienation.

Here Dr. Steve Miller addresses Parental Alienation. Why non-experts get it backwards. What is a fundamental attribution error and why traditional therapy does not work.

Based on current research, over 22 million adults have been targets of parental alienation in the United States. An estimated 10 million adults have experienced what they perceive to be severe alienation from their children. Despite this, parental alienation is underreported and underappreciated by both professionals and the general public.

Parental Alienation and Alienating Behaviors is considered child abuse by the APA, Department of Justice and other professional organizations. All mental health professionals have duty to protect obligations. An appropriate risk assessment should always be conducted when possible child abuse is likely, as in high conflict custody disputes where parental alienation is suspected. Therapist who deal with children and families need to make themselves more aware of of the signs and symptoms of Parental Alienation.

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